For a warranty claim we need the following information:

• Picture of the defect
• Invoice of the purchase 
• A serial number of the product (only for frames, bars & forks)
• Picture of the whole product (only for frames)

Please mail the above information to koen@rocknrollbmx.com

The responsibility of Rock N Roll BMX Distribution is only to repair or replace the product that is covered by warranty. All other costs are for the owner of the product. Before asking for warranty replacement please check the warranty policy of the manufacturer and the points stated below. This to avoid disappointment and misunderstandings.

• The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, misuse or neglect.
• Bent or dent parts are not covered by warranty.
• Modifications of any kind on any part will automatically disable your warranty.
• Standard warranty is valid for 90 days after your date of purchase, after this period every warranty must be inspected by the manufacturer first.
• Lifetime warranty? Certain brands offer a lifetime warranty on their products. Please note that there is a difference in ‘life time warranty’ and ‘life time warranty on manufacturer defects and workmanship’.
• When your product came with a warranty card please add this card to your warranty claim.
• When you are not the first owner then please check with the manufacturer if the warranty covers 2nd hand products before asking for warranty.
• Items such as tires, grips, brake pads and –cables are NOT covered by warranty. Loose ball bearings are NOT covered by warranty as well.


Rock N Roll BMX Distribution recommends that you never ride your bicycle without a helmet and the appropriate safety gear. We also recommended that you always inspect your bike before and after riding for any signs of cracks, bends or other possible problems. Rock N Roll BMX Distribution will not and cannot be held responsible for any injuries that may be caused by its products.