Rev Up Your BMX Sales: Hyper Bicycle Frames Now Available at Rock N Roll BMX!

Rev Up Your BMX Sales: Hyper Bicycle Frames Now Available at Rock N Roll BMX!

🔥 Exciting news, fellow dealers! Our Hyper Bicycle frames are back in stock and they're hotter than ever! 🔥

Whether you're catering to seasoned pros or newcomers in the BMX scene, we've got something for everyone. Get ready to elevate your customers' riding experience with our latest arrivals:

🌟 Indy, the Logan Martin Signature frame, is available in sleek black or sky blue, featuring a 20.5-inch top tube. Engineered for ultimate agility and control, this frame is guaranteed to impress riders of all skill levels.

🌟 For those seeking precision and performance, look no further than the Lunatic, boasting Brandon Loupos's signature touch. With its crisp white finish and a 20.8-inch top tube, this frame offers the perfect blend of style and functionality, ensuring your customers stand out on and off the track.

🌟 And let's not forget about the Wizard. With options in black, chrome, jet fuel, and purple, and top tube lengths ranging from 20.4 to 21.25 inches, this frame is the ultimate versatile companion for any BMX adventure. Whether cruising the streets or dominating the ramps, the Wizard effortlessly adapts to your customers' unique riding style.

Hyper Wizard Frame

So, gear up and get ready to offer your customers the ride of a lifetime! 🤘 Stock up on our Hyper Bicycle frames today and watch as riders flock to your store for the latest in BMX innovation. 🛒

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